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Balance Activ

Balance Active BV Treatment

Balance Active BV Treatment

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Balance Activ BV Gel & Pessary

Balance Activ BV Treatments are the naturally effective way to relieve the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

As the UK’s number 1 BV treatment, this non-drug-based formula is clinically proven to provide effective relief from BV symptoms.

Balance Activ BV treatments are available in a gel and pessary format. Both are equally as effective and are easy to use. Balance Activ has been shown to be as effective as antibiotics in relieving symptoms of BV. It contains lactic acid and glycogen, working with your body to promote the growth of good bacteria and restore the natural vaginal pH balance.

The gel and pessary are sold in packs of 7 one-a-day doses – a week’s treatment.

How our products work:

  • Drug-free: A 100% natural formula that mirrors the vagina’s own defence mechanism to treat and relieve BV.
  • Reliable: The UK’s number 1 BV treatment1, clinically proven to work, for a dependable natural alternative.
  • Effective: Replenishes the body’s natural lactic acid to restore the vagina’s normal pH, rapidly relieving symptoms.
  • Balance: Tops up glycogen to encourage good bacteria and maintain pH balance to keep BV at bay.

It is most convenient to use both gel & pessary formats at bedtime, when lying down in a comfortable position. This helps them stay in place and can reduce leakage, although you may choose to wear a panty liner.

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